FREE Weekly Well-being Program

Feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, low energy and in need of care and nurturing? Join Brandy LaRae and Jenny Upchurch for this FREE weekly Self-Care class at Achieving Balance, Jackson, Ca

Create a Ritual of Self-Care

Add an Essential Elevations Experience to your class, workshop, team meeting or individual session to create powerful healing opportunities, while educating on the emotional and spiritual gifts of essential oils.

Invite clients, workshop participants and team members to savor an inner journey into the healing energy of essential oils to clear past emotional wounds and create positive mind-shifts with powerful, soothing guided meditations and aromatherapy.

  • 6 guided meditation scripts
  • Workshop Outlines

Each meditation is created in conjunction with a Emotional Aromatherapy essential oil blend to deepen and expand a daily meditation practice, creating a simple ritual of nurturing self-care.

Volume 1 Available November 2018

Get first dibs and special pricing by joining the mailing list and receive an invite to the facebook group.


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