Essential Elevations (3)Deepen and expand your essential oil wisdom with a Mindful Aroma Virtual Retreat. 

Slow down and savor your collection of essential oils to shift perspectives, expand inner awareness, enhance intuition, manifest magic, clear emotional barriers and negative limiting self-talk, connect with inner sacred realms, and expand your support resources with this multi-sensory approach utilizing aromatherapy, somatic movement and guided meditation, personalized to your unique situation and goals.

Essential Oils + Meditation = Transformation

Essential oils offer simple , effective mood enhancement and immune support in an array of delightful scents. 

Meditation has been shown to reduce the effects of stress , calm emotional deregulation, improve immune function and increase mental processing. 

 Created by Clinical Hypnotherapist and massage therapist, Brandy LaRae, the Mindful Aroma technique, integrates relaxing guided meditation and therapeutic grade essential oils to embed powerful mental anchors to associate the aroma of the essential oil blend with the positive intentions and personal goals set during your Virtual Retreat.

Guided meditation helps those  with overactive, busy minds to focus and stay on track, while programming the language of positive change,  rewriting negative thought patterns and instilling new habits. 

Each time you inhale the aroma of your an essential oil blend, your brain and nervous systems is reminded of the positive declarations  and intentions you have made in your Mindful Aroma Virtual Retreat to create a life of heart centered , soul inspired fulfillment, along with supporting your body to be healthier and stronger. 

Relaxation, self-care, support in the comfort of your home. 

During your Mindful Aroma Virtual Retreat , conducted via Zoom, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Massage Therapist, Brandy LaRae will lead you though gentle somatic (body) movements to release tension and discomfort, before taking you on a soothing meditative journey into the emotional and spiritual support offered by the essential oils you have chosen to work  with.

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