Work with Brandy

In Person Sessions and Overnight Retreats currently suspended as we fall back in solidarity to combat Covid-19.

Virtual Sessions Now Available to work directly with Brandy LaRae, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist and creator of Essential Elevations.

Private, sessions with Brandy are designed to give you a safe place to be heard and cared for, compassionately supported in moving forward to create positive physical and mental transformation.

Virtual Sessions Now Available

Wow, the world has turned upside down, huh?

We are experiencing a collective trauma that is stressing our nervous systems, short circuiting our concentration , increasing anxiety and highlighting pain and discomfort in our bodies.

I invite you to schedule a FREE Consultation to discover how I can nurture and support you in creating a ritual of self care to increase emotional and physical wellbeing during this difficult time, while moving forward in manifesting  heart center, soul inspired success. 

For over 20 years I have been offering a safe haven for clients to truly relax and reset their nervous system, calm emotional deregulation and ease chronic pain in private in-person healing bodywork sessions and overnight wellness retreats in the Northern California foothills.  People from all over the world have visited Amador Wellness Cottage to savor a healing time out. 

I’ve gathered the knowledge and experience gained in my professional and personal life to create a line up of personalized online sessions utilizing, hypnosis , guided meditation, self massage , aromatherapy and mindful somatic movements to restore calm and harmony to your mind and body.

My goal is to support you in reconnecting in compassion communication with your body to reduce chronic pain, navigate anxiety / depression and manifest your unique, quirky dreams beyond the confusion of the world.

Online sessions range from a 30 minute Mindful Aroma Mini Virtual Retreats to ongoing Self Care Empowerment Sessions to support you in learning new skills and behaviors to  manage and reduce chronic pain, heal persistent health issues and take control of overwhelming anxiety. 

I look forward to working with you!


Brandy LaRae